Practice of filmmaking in 35mm
réalisation 35mm

an activity presented by ARSCIPRO, a non-profit organization.

This training is meant to give to participants the oportunity to discover in a few days, the practice of filmmaking in professional format 35mm.

Taking place in Paris, in a movie theater of "Quartier Latin", the training put forward 3 optional steps:

  • Free courses: theoretical class, in 2 parts. Demonstration of professional equipment 35mm thanks to Filmmaking Industry. (free of charge)

  • Workshot: this optional film shooting workshop, including trial of several 35mm camera models, lateral track and pan, and light exercices, is offered at a low cost.

  • Shooting a Packshot: this option includes the actual filmaking process of a movie, from 1 minute to 1'30s, in 35mm. Following "Packshot" technique, that allows to focus on the shooting in 35mm itself and quickly get a final result on a 35mm film, shown on the screen.
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